New to handball?

If you never played handball before, but want to try it, you are right! It’s the best sport in the world and you should! We welcome beginners to our Wednesday training sessions. Here you can get a first taste of handball.

On this page we are trying to give you the basic info.

To find out our current training times, please check the here. To join any of the sessions, you will need to sign up to our Spond App which will provide details of currently available sessions:

To do so, download the Spond app ( and fill in this sign-up form – once approved you can start attending sessions.


You will want to wear indoor sports clothes (short/t-shirt) and non-marking, clean, indoor sport shoes. Since handball is a contact sport you want to avoid wearing glasses if possible, contact lenses are better, or if you don’t have any, you will need to get sport glasses. It is acceptable to wear your glasses for your try-out sessions (unless you are in goal), but after that you will only be allowed to participate if you provide proof that your glasses are impact-proof sports glasses. You can purchase such from specialist eyewear shops.

Before you come to your first training, it might be helpful to look at these short rules which gives you a bit of an idea about the basic rules. Full rules can be found here, but it’s probably easier if you just watch some youtube videos of handball. For example all of the London 2012 Olympic matches are available online



or you can follow European competition streamed live and available on demand.