We are always looking for new members for our handball club! Whether player, coach, referee, table official or just enthusiastic supporter… we are looking forward to meeting you! We have teams for boys and girls, adults and juniors, for every level – beginners to experts! Don’t feel shy, just get in touch and join us for a training!

If you would like to start playing handball, why don’t you check out our information site for beginners.

If you already have some experience playing handball, you might consider joining one of our teams, or just come along for training.

Please note, that since we are an amateur club, we do not offer any payment to players or staff. In fact, players have to pay for training and matches and the club is run entirely by volunteers. If you are thinking of joining us, please get in touch but don’t expect us to be able to offer you assistance with seeking a job, accommodation or place of study. The handball club is here to allow you to participate in a fun hobby and make great friends, but will not earn you a living… Quite the contrary.