In the 2014/2015 season we competed with 2 men’s teams: The 1st men’s played in the Super 8 League and the 2nd men’s competed in the Regional Development League – East. Our first team finished 7th in the league while the 2nd team managed to secure the 2nd position. This means that the first team avoided relegation, while the second team remains on the RDL level, as no promotion to the Championship is possible for any 2nd teams according to the EHA regulations. However, in the coming 2015/2016 season the 2nd men’s team is going to compete in the London Regional Development League, which promises more matches for the teams involved.

For the coming season, a women’s team is going to compete in the RDL south for the first time in years again. We welcome any new female players who are keen to join us.

We are still trying to build our junior team and inviteĀ all players between 11-18 years old to contact the club.


For more info on the teams, click through to their pages.


Super8 Team:



Back row left to right: Chris Bentz, Toby Barber, James Moody, Raffael Winter, Alejandro Garcia, Pedro Albuquerque, Marc Briant, Zsolt Majoros. Front row: Agi Foeglein, Darren Leung, Craig Stalker, Cedric Gomy

Development Team:


Left to right, back row: James Moody, Toby Barber, Atanas Filchev, Craig Stalker, Pascal Rota, Dan Gentle, Agi Foeglein; front row: Kevin Guy, Moritz Jaeger, Fabian Stachowiak, Graham Jack, Kelvin Lau, Rickie Bailey, Craig Jamison

Women’s Team:


Left to right, back row: Lisanne, Nina, Michi, Rita, Vanessa; front row: Agi, Alison, Dora, Alex

Junior Team:


Left to right, back row: Agi, Peter, Cirian, Lina, Graham; front row: Mike, Benoit, Jamie, Max