In the news

We’ve been in the local newspaper over the past few years…:

Season 2015/2016

Cambridge U16 girls team at the Copper Box tournament.

Men’s S8 team drawing against London GD in final match to earn 3rd place in league.

Men’s S8 win against Warrington Wolves.

Cambridge win against Leeds Hornets.

Women’s team wins London/East Regional league in final against Oxford.

Victories for Men’s S8 against Hawks and Ladies in the RDL play-offs against Medway Dragons.

Both Cambridge HC men’s teams recording victories in double header.

Cambridge loses against Ruislip in the 2nd round of the EHA cup.

Triple header in Copper Box for all Cambridge adult teams.

Cambridge 1st men’s beats Ruislip Eagles.

Cambridge wins cup match to reach 2nd round.

Cambridge 1st men’s triumph over Leeds.

Cambridge HC girls U16 team takes the field for the first time.

Cambridge HC 1st men’s beat London GD in S8.

Feature about junior development by Cambridge Handball Club.

Cambridge’s S8 team loses against Warrington Wolves.

1st and 2nd men’s team playing against NEM Hawks and Thames.

Men’s matches against Ruislip Eagles + London Angels.

Cambridge win against Manchester – first win of the S8 season.

Cambridge’s concerns about lack of home venue affecting the club.

First matches of the season for women’s and men’s regional development league teams.

Season 2014/2015

Our latest super8 match in the news, win over Coventry.

Report about our home matches against Ipswich HC and Warrington Wolves

Article about our chairmen Carl Norman in the news…

Win against Olympia London HC, just before Christmas

Our first win of the season, against Coventry HC

Report of our first home match of the season, against Manchester HC in the local news

Season 2013/2014

Report about the first ever Junior match + the 1st Men’s European Adventure

Last home match 2013/2014 season against Olympia

Away match against Ruislip Eagles 2013/2014 season

Deva home match 2013/2014 season

Away match against Manchester 2013/2014

Home match against London GD 2013/2014

Cup match against Oly Cats 2013/2014

Ruislip Eagles Cup match 2013/2014

Olympia away match 2013/2014

Ruislip home match 2013/2014

Leeds away match and develpoment league Peterborough reports

Deva away match 2013/2014

Manchester home match 2013/2014

Season 2012/2013:

Winning EHA plate final

Trip to Germany for 1st Men’s team

Handball’s sportengland funding increased

First match for the post-olympic development team! 


We’ve also been in some international news:

In Hungarian news:

Article about female coach for men’s team competing in EHF Challenge Cup

Romanian news:

Our opponents from the Challenge Cup 2014/2015 report about us


And here are some old news clippings: