Salford HC vs Cambridge HC



Team1st HalfGoalsOutcome
Warrington Wolves1434Win
Cambridge HC Men 1st21Loss


The first match of the new season took Cambridge HC to face Salford HC (soon to be known as Warrington Wolves apparently) in their new home venue in Manchester, the Trafford Soccerdome. Struggling to raise a big squad for the opening match, the team arrived with only 10 players to face the 2nd placed team from last season. We had to call up some players from the 2nd team to supplement the squad, and others had to play out of their usual positions.

The match started off slowly, with only few goals scored in the opening minutes. Cedric Gomy in the Cambridge goal made some fine saves against a strong Salford side, while Alejandro Garcia playing in the unaccustomed right back positions starting the scoring for Cambridge. This meant the score was even at 2-2 5 minutes into the game, however now Salford started to pull away with some quick attacks, while Cambridge failed to capitalise on their chances. A time out at 7-3 15 minutes into the game managed to rouse the team again and Cambridge started to display a better defence, Toby Barber providing crucial helps to stop Salford’s attacking efforts.. Renewed vigour in the attack with good blocks by James Moody on the line created spaces for Chris Bentz and Levente Kovacs, closing the difference to 2 goals. However, Cambridge failed to maintain this level for and allowed Salford to pull away to a 14-10 for the half time break, reestablishing the 4 goal lead.

In the beginning of the second half, the Cambridge team came back fighting and backed by some strong goalkeeping from Gomy and scoring from the new recruit Daniel Bode closed down the gap to 2 goals again.  However,  40 minutes into the game, Cambridge’s strength was faltering while Salford displayed their stamina. Balls were easily lost in the attack and Salford was merciless on the fast counter attacks, picking up easy goals. With 10 minutes remaining, Salford had opened up a 10-goal gap. Moving Kelvin Lau from the wing to the left back position allowed him to score a couple of nice goals but the lack of fitness of the whole team resulted in more counter attacks by the end of the match.

In the end the game was lost 34-21 against a strong Salford side. However, there were encouraging moments in the match, when the team stood strong and defended well, fighting together as a team and playing organised in the attack. All the players gave their best and 2nd team members Kev Guy and Rickie Bailey gained valuable experience playing in the Super8 league. A bit more depth to the squad would allow more consistency over the 60 minutes of the match and hopefully we can prove that we can beat any team in the league in the upcoming matches.


Date Time League Season
September 21, 2014 1:30 pm Men's Super 8 League 2014/2015


Trafford Soccerdome, M17 8DD
Trafford Soccerdome, Manchester M17 8DD, United Kingdom

Warrington Wolves

Position 2 min RC YC Goals Interceptions

Cambridge HC Men 1st

# Player Position 2 min RC YC Goals Interceptions
2Kevin GuyBack00000
14Alejandro Garcia CostaLine001110
4Christian BentzCentre00040
8Kelvin LauWing00020
10Daniel BodeBack00020
23James MoodyLine10000
25Levente KovácsBack00020
28Tobias BarberWing10000
40Rickie BaileyCentre00000
18Cedric GomyGoal00000
 Total 201210

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