Cambridge HC vs Ruislip Eagles HC



Cambridge HC Men 1st34Loss
Ruislip Eagles HC38Win


A report written by our expert spectator Nipples:

After a win last weekend in Manchester, the men’s 1st team was trying to make it two consecutive wins against the Ruislip Eagles. The game started well for Cambridge as they quickly got in front by 2-1. It was clear that these two teams had met each other before, because Ruislip took Zsolt out of the game from the start. Cambridge had some problems solving this type of defence to start with, and Ruislip got an early lead. After a while the offence started to work better, mainly coming from individual performances and not much team play. The ‘defence’ was meanwhile not working at all. It seemed like there was a lack communication and definitely a lack of tackles. Goalkeeper Graham did not have one of his best days, but the six players in front of him, did not make the job easy for him. The halftime score, 16-22, reflected the lack of defending. The second half did not start out much better. Cambridge fell behind by 9 goals early and the game seemed closed. The guys however kept on fighting and had a 15-minute period in the second half where they reduced the gap slowly. It paid off as they reduced the gap to 3 goals, with 10 minute to play. At that point it looked like Cambridge could pull off the comeback, but Ruislip started scoring goals again. At the end they kept control of the game and grinded out a 34-38 victory.
Even though Cambridge managed to score 34 goals it was not enough for the victory. The defence was not working at all and clearly missed a lot of aggressiveness. There were simply not enough tackles on the opponent and when the tackles finally came, nobody was covering the line. Offensively it started out a bit to sloppy, but got a lot better. Ruislip had a hard time defending the 1-on-1’s and especially Alejandro and Florian took advantage of that.
So there is a lot of defensive stuff to work on before next weeks match against the New Hawks.
Player of the game: Chicken/X/Eggs

Spectator of the game: Dan the MAN


Date Time League Season
November 8, 2015 2:30 pm Men's Super 8 League 2015/2016


Sporthouse, RM8 2JR
Sporthouse, Dagenham RM8 2JR, United Kingdom

Cambridge HC Men 1st

# Player Position 2 min RC YC Goals Interceptions
2Kevin GuyBack00000
9Pedro AlbuquerqueWing00050
10Florian StröhlBack00080
13Jean-Daniel MalcorLine00000
14Alejandro Garcia CostaLine000100
17Graham JackCentre00000
19Tim ZuehlsdorffLine00000
25Levente KovácsBack00030
28Tobias BarberWing00010
30Zsolt MajorosBack00030
38Thibaut PageWing00030
78Adrien SteffLine00010
 Total 000340

Ruislip Eagles HC

Position 2 min RC YC Goals Interceptions