Bad weekend for the teams

The last weekend saw all 3 teams in action on Sunday, and unfortunately all 3 teams lost! While this is obviously not the results we were hoping for, not everything was bad.

The 2nd team was playing the strong newly formed Angels team, consisting only of Hungarian players with previous handball experience. Unlike our players where some are post Olympic recruits trained up solely by us, the club ethos of the London Angels only allows Hungarian players with experience at a higher level of handball to join their teams. Our cheerful mix of nationalities did a very good job against these “veterans” keeping the game close for the majority of the time, only allowing a gap to form in a mad 10 minutes in the second half. Our youngsters Mikkel and Humod stood out in the quad, causing trouble for the opponents by breaking through their defence repeatedly and while we presented them with a well organised defence on our side. Even though in the end Angels managed to edge ahead and take the victory, the overall performance of the team was very encouraging and we should be able to use the gained experience in the coming matches.

The match of our 1st men’s team was a different issue. As the final score of 34-38 shows, this was not a very defensive game. While we managed to score over 30 goals due to Ruislip defending 1-1 on one of our back players (initally Zsolt and when he moved away others), we couldn’t capitalise on the easy goals as the defence let the team down time and again. Ruislip was allowed to score at will from the 9m, and an admittedly on form Ruislip backcourt took advantage of this. The defence was too sluggish, neither interrupting the movement/shots, nor providing blocks to aid the goalkeeper. The only positive to be taken from this game is that despite being back by 9 goals at a time, the team never gave up and managed to keep the game exciting to the end by closing down the gap to just 2 goals with 2 minutes to go.

While the men’s team were playing in London, the women’s team travelled to Oxford to take on “the other place”. The lack of cars already meant a difficult travel for the team, with players having to brave the 42 roundabouts in a 3.5h bus trip before arriving in Oxford. The team had to play against Oxford without the guidance of a coach and missing Grete and Agi from the back-court, but with new recruits Vanessa and Sarah. Unfortunately despite their best efforts, the Cambridge girls couldn’t control the strong Oxford back players and lost the game 23-31.


Overall these were not the results we were hoping for, but the teams soon have the chance to return to our winning ways. Both men’s teams are competing again in home matches (in London, Sporthouse) on Saturday, while the women’s team will have to wait until after Christmas before they face their next opponents, this time the 2nd team of London Angels…yes, the Hungarians again…


Cambridge HC vs Thames HC

Cambridge HC vs NEM Hawks

Cambridge HC vs London Angels HC