Mixed results from the weekend

With the women’s team playing their third match of the season in the regional development league and the men’s 1st team finally starting their Super8 campaign, there was again plenty of action this weekend for the club.

The women’s team played on Saturday, hosting our opponents from Islington in our chilly “home” venue at Leyton, London. Clearly, our opponents had studied our previous match sheets, as they took Grete 1-1 from the first whistle and tried to prevent her from adding to her 20 goals from 2 matches… They were partially successful in this approach, limiting her goals to “only” 6 this match, however, Niki picked up the slack and scored 8. While Cambridge won the match 18-13 with a comfortable 5 goal lead, it highlighted the need to practise attacking when a player is taken out 1-1. On the other hand, the defence was working together well, delivering helps when needed and supported by our strong goalie Pippa, who also did well on the field in the last few minutes of the game. This means the girls maintain their position on top of the London RDL League table, with 3 wins out of 3 and a goal difference of 29 goals!

Our Super 8 men’s team saw their first match of the season after having postponed the first 2 matches due to unavailability of the opponents. This meant that Cambridge HC took on Olympia HC, who had already kicked off their season to a very successful start. Olympia already won against Ruislip in their opening match and had gained a draw against Warrington Wolves, so we knew we were facing a tough opponent. The match dominated by two strong, physical defences and it showed in the low score. At half time, Olympia was leading 9-7 and despite an outstanding performance by our goalkeeper Graham Jack, who must have had an over 50% save rate, our attack could not capitalise on our strong defence. Even though having Zsolt taken out in a 1-1 defence opened up the spaced for the wing players, which Tom and Pedro exploited from the left and Toby and Thibaut from the right, too many efforts were made over the centre block and never reached their target. Only Pepe managed to find some gaps and hit the target with some consistency, scoring 4 goals. Some one sided refereeing also saw no penalties given to our side, while Olympia received several, only for Graham to save 3 of them! Overall, the game finished in a rather disappointing 19-16 from our perspective. While this is not the result we were hoping for, our good defensive performance was encouraging and if we can carry that forward to our next games with a slightly more structured attack, we should be back on the winning track soon.