Played handball before?

You played before and want to continue with us?

So you have played handball before and want to continue playing in Cambridge? Cambridge HC is just the right place for you!

We welcome players of all abilities and are a very friendly, international club. (Please note that we are not a professional club and don’t offer any sort of payment to players/coaches/staff but in fact the players have to pay for training (see training).) If you are thinking of joining us at one of our trainings, please get in touch with us before, to make sure training is taking place as usual and we know to expect new players.

If you already talked with us and want us to be able to register you as a player, please follow the link to fill in this form.

Below, you find more information on the teams we currently have and what the requirements are for you to play in them.


The women’s team currently only plays friendly matches, but there are always some girls at training and we would welcome an increase in numbers so we can enter the leagues again! Anyone who is keen to play is welcome, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player.



If you want to play in one of our men’s teams, there are 2 options: Our first team plays in the national Super 8 league, our 2nd team plays in the East Regional Development League.

Super 8 team:

If you are an experienced player you might consider joining this team, which will have you play on the the highest level available in Britain. However, if you are not British (or have played outside of Britain in the last 2 years), you will require an international transfer to be allowed to compete at this level. International transfer’s cost £123 to the releasing federation (i.e. France if you are french) and £123 to the European Handball Federation. The releasing national federation can consider waving this fee, in which case you would “only” have to pay £123 to the EHF. If you are under 18 years old or currently in full time education, you can transfer to England for free. This means, any pupil or student wanting to join us can become part of our Super 8 team after a free international transfer. Also, if you have not played in the last 2 years outside of the UK, you won’t have to pay a transfer fee. However, in all cases, you will have to fill in an international transfer request.

Apart from the transfer fees, players will incur more fees for matches (~£10 per match) and for registration (£30 per season).

However, on the bright side, this allows you to play on the top level in England and gives you the chance to qualify for European Competition!

Regional development team:

If you are a less experienced handball player, or even only started playing recently, our second team is a good option for you. We are playing in the regional development league against less established teams, but in an organised league. It gives you the chance to play against other teams rather than just our own players in trainings. To play in this league, it is not required to pay any transfer fees, only registration and match fees. This means, that it could also be an option for players coming from abroad who do not want to pay for an international transfer.


Junior teams:

Currently the U16 players are not competing in any organised leagues, but we intend to organise friendly matches to provide opportunities to play.