Club awards

At the beginning of July our club held the AGM and also voted for and presented our first ever annual club awards! Apart from discussing the exciting plans for next season, obviously the elections for the various posts and prices were the highlight of the evening…

Categories for prices with respective nominations were:

Best 1st team player: Cedric and Jandro

Best 2nd team player: Kev, Nico, Craig, Graham

Most improved player: Craig, Jon Graham, Toby, JD, Tim

Biggest princess: Levi, Rickie, Achim, Jandro

Best assist: Rickie, Pepe, Achim, Cedric, Toby

MVP in training: Graham, Agi, Toby, Jandro, Achim


Nominations could be┬ámade by anyone within the club and the members present at the AGM were voting. And the winners are….:

Best 1st team player – Jandro

Best 2nd team player – Nico

Most improved player – Graham

Biggest princess – Rickie

Best assist – Pepe

MVP in training – Agi


Congratulations to everyone and thanks for the fun season! Enjoy your 2 short weeks of break and then we are back for pre-season!