Last match of the season!

As the season is drawing to an end, the last match is coming up on Sunday. We are hosting Olympia HC at the Perse School for our last this season and are hoping to come away with a win.

Cambridge HC vs Olympia HC

Our defeat in our last match against Ruislip means that we are only 1 point above Olympia and 1 point below Manchester HC. This means our final game can have a big influence on our league result this year. If we beat Olympia and Manchester loses (playing against Ruislip), we would be 5th position. If at the same time, Leeds Hornets are losing against Coventry Sharks and we make up the goal difference of 11 goals, we might even be above Leeds in the 4th place by the end of the season…but no matter how we look at it, WE have to win. Otherwise it is 7th place for us this season!

We won our away match against Olympia before Christmas, but only just… Despite having a comfortable lead 5 minutes before the end, Olympia had rallied and scored 4 quick goals within 2 minutes, putting us under pressure. So this time it is crucial to maintain the pressure and see the game home safely. Also learning from last weeks experience against Ruislip, where we were playing well for 10 minutes per half but giving away our advantage in the following 20 minutes, should motivate us to do better this time.

We are hoping to have a good support at home to win this important match!