Round-up of last matches + upcoming 3 matches in one weekend!

We are in the middle of the busiest month of the season. We had some mixed results from the first weekend, with the second men’s team losing against Cranfield by quite a margin (17-35) final score, and the first team finally recording a win again in the Super8 league against Coventry (37-29). In all fairness, both scores don’t really reflect the differences between the two teams. While our 2nd team ended up losing deservedly, for the first 15 minutes of the game we managed to keep it open, up until 7-8, when Cranfield started to pull away. The organised defence of Cambridge HC II was actually quite good, but rushed attacks with easy loss of possession led to a string of fast breaks that allowed Cranfield to score easily, despite some good saves from our keepers. Our second team couldn’t focus enough at half time to challenge the outcome anymore, so ended up losing the match but gaining valuable experience.

The Super8 match against Coventry also wasn’t as clear cut as the 8 goal win makes it seem. While Cambridge was ahead from the start of the game, the advantage was only 1 goal in the half time. At the beginning of the second half, Coventry even went ahead by 3 goals due to a string of missed clear chances in our attack. Overall 8 (!!) clear shots in a row where missed by Cambridge, which allowed Coventry to make up 4 goals and edge ahead by 3 10 minutes into the 2nd half. After a successfully converted penalty, the spell seemed broken and now the Cambridge players managed to find the back of the net again more often. Cambridge equalised with Coventry with 15 minutes to go and showed better nerves to edge 2-3 goals ahead of them. In the finishing minutes a more and more hectic Coventry started giving away many balls in their attack which Cambridge could capitalise on and gain an 8 goal advantage due to fast breaks. Overall, a better conversion rate is needed to ensure such things don’t happen again in our upcoming matches!

Last weekend was match free for the city club, but the weekend of the University Championships. Cambridge University Handball Club competed with both a women’s and men’s team, and  the women’s team managed a respectable 3rd place in the plate competition (which is all the more impressive that they had to play 1 player down for all of there matches, having only 6 players available!!). The men’s team did even better, actually winning the entire competition! During the knock out stages they overcame Cranfield (nice revenge in the name of the city club) and Oxford (who had claimed Varsity victory here in Cambridge in the end of January) to beat Bath in the finals! Congratulations, we are very proud of the Uni Club and of course especially our players who are part of it, Fabian Klos, Daniel Bode and Alejandro Garcia Costa.

Of the back of this successful weekend, we are hoping to gain more points in both the RDL and the Super8 league in our upcoming matches. The second team will play 2 matches this weekend, away against Ipswich on Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm and at home against Peterborough at 12.15pm on Sunday. So far, the second team recorded their only win against Ipswich in the home match, so we are hoping to replicate that result and take home 3 points on Saturday. There was no game between Peterborough and Cambridge this season yet, in fact the rematch is going to be just next weekend, so we can expect an interesting contest on Sunday. The last season, Peterborough just managed to beat Cambridge by a couple of goals in both matches, so we are hoping to improve on that.

On Sunday afternoon at 2pm, the 1st team is hosting Leeds Hornets for the rematch. The away match was lost by 23-18 . Only conceding 23 goals speaks of a strong defence, but unfortunately an even worse attack with only 18 goals. We know that Leeds is very strong and we have to make sure our shooting is efficient this weekend to win this encounter. Leeds is on great form this season, having beaten both London GD and Warrington Wolves at home. Needless to say, it will be a hard fought encounter! Come and support!


Ipswich HC vs Cambridge HC

Cambridge HC vs Peterborough HC

Cambridge HC vs Leeds Hornets HC